Keep Overwintering Pests Out of Your Home

Rodents are a common overwintering pest in Vancouver BC - OnSite Pest Control

Overwintering pests are exactly what their name suggests: pests that get into your home for the winter months. However, these pests aren’t hibernating. They are very much active and could be causing a raucous in your attic. With our cold winter weather, homeowners commonly deal with overwintering pests. Thankfully, there are many things you can . . . read more.

Are Termites Common in the Fall or Winter?

Termites can infest Vancouver BC homes in the fall and winter - OnSite Pest Control

Many assume the colder months of the year means a decrease in pest problems. This may be true for some types of pests, but termites are active all year long. Many species swarm in the spring and summertime, but all termites remain at work throughout the winter months. Even in the colder temperatures here in . . . read more.