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If you’re a pet owner, chances are you’ve dealt with fleas at some stage.  If caught in the early stages, the animal (host) in question is the only one affected.  You simply purchase and properly apply an over-the-counter flea removal product.  Job done! However, it is important to note that fleas prefer to feed off the host until the animal(s) is no longer present.  Meaning human occupants may be blissfully unaware of just how bad things have become.  As evidenced by one of our very own staff members who rented a home previously occupied by dog and cat lovers.  Within days she and her infant daughter experienced bites on their lower legs.  Her husband was completely unaffected.  Of course, we take care of our own. An expert technician was on site promptly to implement our Flea Removal Service.  In this case, despite wood flooring throughout, it took vigorous preparation and two treatments to break the life cycle.

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Recognizing Fleas

Fleas are the wingless insects.  They are reddish-brown in colour and range from 1.5-3mm in size.  The hard plates lining their bodies mean they can endure the pressure from an animal’s vigorous scratching and biting, or a human’s squishing.  Their legs are long and end in strong claws for gripping.  A flea can jump about 18cm vertically and 33cm horizontally, which is why most human victims see bites below the knees.  Flea bites are similar to mosquito bites in appearance.  They usually present in clusters, or lines of two as red bumps with a single puncture wound in the centre; the itch and inflammation lingering for weeks.

The life cycle of a flea

An adult fleas’ diet consists solely of fresh blood.  They feed several times a day.  Their mouth parts allow them to pierce the skin and suck blood from their host.   Each meal gives the female ample nutrients to lay up to 8 eggs which hatch within two weeks.  Left untreated, she’ll lay between 400 and 800 in her lifetime.  These eggs are laid on the host so can easily fall off in locations where pets likes to rest, sleep or roll around.  Once hatched, the larvae feed on any organic material (e.g. non-viable eggs, dead insects and faeces) until they are ready to pupate.  Having consumed enough food, they weave a cocoon in which they grow to adulthood.  From here, the flea’s ultimate goal is to find a blood meal in order to start the cycle again.

Breaking the cycle with our Flea Removal Service

It’s difficult to stress the importance of occupant preparation when dealing with fleas.  All animals must be treated separately.All infected areas must be thoroughly vacuumed followed by the disposal of the material.  Full information on this can be found in the Prep Sheets section at the top of thiswebpage.

In order to break the life cycle, our fully certified OnSite Technicians first apply a “Contact Killer”.  The result is an initial and quick knock down which evaporates.  Next up all perimeters and areas are treated with a professional grade residual.  This includes an additive which is absorbed by any remaining flea eggs, preventing them from maturing.  All OnSite flea treatments are backed by a 3 month warranty designed to take the occupants through 2 complete seasons.

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Everyone is so friendly and helpful and efficient. They came to my house the next day and were able to solve my pest problem with out having to leave for 24hr or use anything toxic for my baby to be around.

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Steve is really professional and very knowledgeable. He did an inspection and we were happy to find that we are bed bug and pest free. Thank you very much and highly recommend this company.

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I spoke to Kristy about our mice and silverfish problem and she was a delight to speak with. Very informative. This company also uses more humane ways to eliminate rodants. I have called numerous companies and this company is by far the best. Kristy is very patient and was able to answer all my questions and was very knowledgeable.