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Ants are one of the most common household pest problems in British Columbia year-round. Although there are several different types of ants in our region, Vancouver homeowners most often need ant removal services for pavement ants and carpenter ants. Ants have a highly social living arrangement and are grouped by their job in the colony – like bees, common jobs are workers, drones, and a queen. Inside, these annoying little pests can nest in your walls or seams of your floor, usually near the warmer areas. It’s very difficult to get rid of ants without professional ant removal services. The ant exterminators at Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control are here to share expert information on ants, including identification, habits, prevention, and more.

What Do Ants Look Like?

Generally, ants range in color from yellowish or red to black. Common sizes range from as small as 3 mm to approximately 13 mm (½ an inch) for carpenter ants. Ants have 6 legs and a set of mandibles. Ants are social and live in colonies. Ants that seem to be‘touring are part of the largest group of ‘worker’ ants in a colony whose primary responsibility is to forage for food before carrying it back to the colony, informing other workers of its whereabouts. Ants can be difficult to remove once they establish a colony, which is why it’s important to have an ant pest control company help.

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How Did I Get Ants?

Inside, these annoying little pests can be nesting in the walls or seams of your floor, usually near the warmer areas. Outside, they tend to build nests under flat stones, rail ties, or the concrete slabs of your patio. Once inside, ants most commonly gather along floorboards and kitchen counters. Ants usually get indoors through:

  1. Windows
  2. Holes in foundations
  3. Heating ducts and air-conditioners
  4. Power or telephone cables
  5. Points where tree branches or other vegetation come in contact with the house
  6. Wooden structures attached to houses (like porches and sheds)
  7. Firewood brought into the house

Ant Pest Control Tips

Ant extermination can be tricky, which is why it’s important to learn what you can do to prevent ants in the first place. Rentokil’s, formerly OnSite Pest Control ant exterminators recommend the following to help keep ants away:

  1. Keep kitchen countertops clean. Sweep the floor often, especially around pet dishes. If ants have been spotted, mop after sweeping.
  2. Rinse containers before putting them in the garbage or in recycling bins.
  3. Empty kitchen garbage containers often.
  4. Place compost piles at a reasonable distance from your house.
  5. Place pet food dishes in a shallow dish of water. Ants can’t swim, so they won’t be able to get at your pet’s food.

Our Ant Removal & Control Services

At  Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control, we know an ant infestation is very frustrating. Our team of expert ant exterminators will inspect your property, determine which ant species you are working with, and develop a custom ant extermination plan suited to your unique needs. Treatment for most kinds of ants consists of a light residual spray applied to all active areas and perimeters of the affected location. For more information on how our ant removal specialists can keep ants away from your home year-round, contact us today!

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