Cockroach Removal

There are 4,600 species of cockroaches.  Approximately 30 of these can be found lurking in human habitats.  The most common that we deal with is the German cockroach (which weirdly, in Germany, is known as the Russian roach).  

Physical Characteristics

  • The German cockroach varies in colour from tan to almost black, with two darker parallel lines running from behind its head to the base of its wings.
  • Yes, they have wings.  However, they can barely fly.  You might see them glide as an evasive measure when disturbed.
  • These beasties can grow up to 1.5cm in length.

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Habitual Characteristics

We have always been led to believe that cockroaches can survive anything, even a nuclear explosion.  However, this is simply not true.  While more resilient than most living creatures, even roaches have weaknesses.  The German cockroach, for example, cannot survive severe cold.  However, although incapable of living outdoors in low temperatures, they have been found in human dwellings as far north as Nunavut, Canada.

They’re drawn to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, close to available food sources.  German Cockroaches are omnivorous (meaning they will eat pretty much anything).  They prefer meats, starches, sugars and fatty foods but, lacking that, will eat toothpaste, soap, glue and books.  In dire situations, they have even been known to nibble on each other’s extremities!

This particular species is capable of reproducing faster than any other residential cockroach.  The female typically produces 4 to 8 capsules in there 200 day life span, which can equate to over 300 eggs!  That’s a lot of roaches, if left unchecked.

Some signs that you are dealing with an infestation would be activity during the day, as cockroaches are nocturnal.  Also dead roaches, shed skin and droppings, which look like ground pepper or coffee, on your countertops and in drawers.

Preventative measures you can take

The most important step is to keep your home clean.  German cockroaches need food, moisture, and shelter to survive, which is why they are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms. You’d be surprised how many can harbor near a fridge compressor or underneath the stove range.

  • Clean up food spills and messes immediately.  Vacuum regularly.  This is particularly important in the kitchen and bathroom areas as roaches are drawn to humidity and so are more likely to take up residence here.
  • Eliminate any and all food sources.  Thoroughly clean your kitchen cabinets, do not leave trash out and, if you have pets, ensure their food bowls are emptied at night.  Tightly seal all food items.  Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.  Store soap and toothpaste out of reach.
  • Keep your home dry.  Use a dehumidifier and dry all sinks, bathtubs and showers before going to bed at night.  The lack of moisture will deter any roach.

There are no half measures when it comes to a cockroach infestation.  They need to be dealt with as soon as there is evidence of them.  They are typically introduced into a home or unit by something as simple as a grocery bag or used furniture.  In apartment buildings, as with bed bugs, activity can pool over from neighboring units.

Treatment for cockroaches starts with good sanitation. From there, elimination can only be achieved by use of baits.  Our Cockroach Treatment consists of 3 visits, 7-10 days apart.  On each visit, a residual gel bait is applied to all areas of high activity.  The adult roaches feed off it and poop it out, which in turn is eaten by their young.  This is how we break the life cycle.  Following the final appointment, our standard 3-month warranty kicks in.

Whether a few roaches or an infestation, OnSite is your one stop shop for any and all pest control needs.  So give our office a call today on 604-266-7483.  Our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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