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Hornets may play an important role in the environment but, as stinging insects, they can be dangerous too! Here in Vancouver BC the most common hornet people encounter are bald-faced hornets. Although they are related to yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets are named as such due to their aerial nest and larger size. Still, wasps and hornets are often confused for each other. Hornets are usually slower and bigger and tend to feed on other insects. Hornets are defensive of their nests, but typically as aggressive as yellowjackets. Hornets make nests high above the ground and almost never nest in the ground. When these nests are built on or near your home, it’s important to get help from a professional hornet removal company.

Hornet Characteristics

Bald-faced hornets are most commonly mistaken for wasps. Although they are closely linked by size and body structure they lack the yellow colouring. These hornets grow to a size of averaging 2-3 cm long(adults) and can become extremely territorial. You can distinguish hornets from other wasps and bees by the rounded gasters, or the part of the abdomen behind the wasp’s waist, and by the width of the vertex, which is the part of the head behind the eyes. Their stingers are not barbed like some bees, meaning they are capable of stinging repeatedly. Because it can be so difficult to tell apart hornets and wasps, it’s best to enlist the professional eye of a hornet control expert.

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The Threat of Hornets

Worker females will aggressively defend the hive with their stingers. However, they seldom attack humans unless provoked or if the hive is threatened. Hornets normally won’t attack without reason, especially outside the hive. Studies have shown that the stings of hornets are no more dangerous than other wasps and bees. It is the hornet’s larger size and noisy flying sounds that cause fear. By swatting at hornets, you have a greater chance of being stung since the hornet perceives it as a threat. Three things should be avoided when near a hornet or hornets’ nest: blocking the flight path, moving or breathing on the nests, and any rapid movements, such as running or swatting.

If hornets are anywhere around your home, they can be a threat to your safety and the safety of your family and friends. They are extremely sensitive to anything foreign to them, especially if they consider it a threat to the hive. Once they sense a threat, they will attack anything or anyone who is near the hive. To make matters worse, they will attack in the hundreds. This is why, if you have a hornets’ nest in your outside living areas, it’s best to call for a hornet removal service.

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When dealing with a large hive or multiple hives, it is best to call in professionals to handle hornet control or removal. It is easy to kill one or two hornets but a whole different ballgame when dealing with a hive full of hundreds of stinging insects. The hornet experts at Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control have the years of experience needed to get rid of a hornet nest on your property quickly and safely. To learn more about our hornet removal, control & treatment services, contact our team today!

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