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Silverfish are the small wingless insects you may encounter mostly on late-night visits to the washroom. They get their name from their silvery gray and blue colouring, as well as their wiggling, swim-like movements. These pests are mostly a nuisance due to their feeding habits. They eat carpet, clothing, book bindings, paper, hair, and anything else starchy. If they gain access to your kitchen cupboards, they’ll eat sugar, flour, and cereal. When famished, they have been known to damage leatherware and synthetic fabrics. In addition, they can live more than a year with no food as long as they have access to a water source. If you are experiencing many silverfish in your Vancouver BC home or business, it’s best to enlist the help of a silverfish extermination expert.

Silverfish Characteristics & Habits

When identifying silverfish, there are some unique physical traits that make them easy to recognize. They are a half-inch to an inch in length, with an abdomen that tapers at the end.  Silverfish are completely wingless.  They have long antennae on the front, three feelers on the back, and six legs. Newly hatched nymphs are white in colour, darkening to a silvery grey as they grow into adulthood. An adult female can lay up to 3 eggs on a daily basis, in any dark quiet area of your home. These eggs hatch around the six week period and can live for up to 4 years. They like moist areas and can usually be found in your bathroom, kitchen, attic, or basement.

If you are considering getting silverfish removal services, it’s important to remember that in most cases you won’t even see a silverfish unless you have an infestation. This is due to their nocturnal nature and sensitivity to light.  Populations are slow to grow so infestations are usually found in older houses where they have likely been present for many years.

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How to Prevent Silverfish Infestations

Silverfish can thankfully be prevented in the first place. There are steps you can take in and around your home in order to minimize their presence. Our top silverfish control tips are to:

  1. Clean up cardboard boxes, piles of mail, and/or newspapers. 
  2. Vacuum regularly and store all dried foods in sealable glass or plastic containers. 
  3. If you rotate your wardrobe, make sure to store off-season clothing in closed bins somewhere dry. 
  4. Outdoors, ensure all leaves and other soggy remnants are removed from the perimeter of your home. 
  5. Also, block all points of access and egress by sealing any cracks.

Our Silverfish Extermination Services

Silverfish may not be the most dangerous pest, but they are still a big nuisance. Should you feel you are in need of professional assistance, Rentokil’s, formerly OnSite Pest Control silverfish control is a service on which you can rely. Your fully trained and certified technician applies a residual treatment to all the cracks and crevices of lower cupboards found in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Following this, the entire perimeter of the unit is treated to prevent these pests from returning. For more information on how we can keep these pesky insects out of your property, contact our team today!