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Bedbugs are parasites that have the potential to infest houses and especially things such as beds and mattresses. They feed on human blood and their bite usually leaves a large, reddish and itchy wheal. In Vancouver, the best way to avoid bed bugs is to never introduce second-hand furniture in to your home that hasn’t been thoroughly inspected.


Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that are found all over the world. They are a nocturnal parasite. This means they rest during the day time and become active at night. However, it is important to remember that bed bugs are highly opportunistic parasites because they can bite even during the day if they need to feed. They primarily feed on the blood of humans and usually hide in beddings or on mattresses. This gives them quick access to their preferred source of food. Bed bugs have highly evolved mouth parts that can pierce through the human skin. Quite a large number of people don’t respond to their bites because they are relatively painless. However, other bites can result in itchiness and red swelling. Even though bed bugs have the ability to harbour diseases in their bodies, transmission of these diseases is highly improbable. They are also not dangerous unless the individual happens to be allergic to their bite. Having bed bugs is usually a stressing factor for most people in Vancouver and their bites tend to be highly irritating. 

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The bite of a bed bug has some common features, some of which include:

  • There is the presence of large wheals that shrink into a red mark after a few days of the bite
  • A bed bug bite is very itchy
  • There is reddening of the skin
  • There is some swelling where the bite occurred
  • After the bite, blisters usually begin to form
  • There is some minimal loss of the skin for some bites


The following are the main physical attributes of bed bugs:

  • They have no wings
  • Their bodies are half a centimetre long
  • They have a flat, oval-shaped body
  • They have six legs
  • They have a light brown colour that appears to change to rust-red after they feed
  • They have large antennae with a squat head
  • They have large mouth parts also called mandibles


In most cases, bed bugs will hide in beddings, clothing, luggage and furniture. They are often found in dwellings that have a high rate of occupant turnover such as motels, hostels, hotels, apartment complexes and shelters. However, any household can be infected with bed bugs.

The first signs of a bed bug infestation could be the presence of bite marks on the bodies of family members. With a thorough inspection of your home, especially in well-known hiding spots, you can reveal signs of bed bug infestation such as:

  • Seeing the actual bed bugs, but this is sometimes difficult because they are often hard to see
  • If you see small bloodstains from crushed bed bugs on the sheets or mattresses
  • Dark or rusty spots on walls, mattresses and beddings that seem to exhibit signs of bed bug excrement
  • In cases whereby the infestation is severe, the bed bugs will emit an offensive, musty and sweet odour from their sweat glands

If your residence shows signs of bed bug infestation, call the pest control specialists at OnSite Pest Control in Vancouver, BC. We will remove the bed bugs completely quickly and effectively. Fill out our contact form or call 604-266-7483.

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