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Carpenter ants are one of the most dangerous ant species. At Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control, carpenter ant removal is a service we have grown to specialize in. These ants excavate through wood and can cause major structural damage to property costing homeowners tens of thousands of dollars if untreated. Around late spring is when the male winged carpenter ants, which are known as swarmers, will mate with winged females. Shortly thereafter, the females will shed their wings and the males will die. The only role of the carpenter ant queen is to lay eggs but as soon as worker carpenter ants mature into adults, they will take on the responsibilities of the colony. A carpenter ant colony can grow quickly, making it important to contact a carpenter ant control company as soon as you notice them.

How to Identify Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants in Vancouver are traditionally reddish-black in appearance and can be quite large in size (up to 2.5 cm). They favour damp, warm environments to build their colonies. You will often see carpenter ants out and about at night because this is when they feed. They eat food sources that are high in sugar and protein. Carpenter ants set up their base of operations in outdoor nests which can be found in damp wood, such as rotting logs. They go back and forth into homes to gather food.

Carpenter may establish satellite nests around the perimeter of a Vancouver home where it is dark and damp. They need dampness for eggs to survive. In any case, it’s important to know how to be on the lookout for their activity.

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Carpenter Ant Life Cycle

In the summertime, winged carpenter ants leave the nest. These are reproductive carpenter ants, both males, and queens. They swarm seeking new places to establish nests. Areas that are attractive to them include damp areas behind dishwashers, under sink, tub and shower tiles, in walls behind toilets, and so on. To establish a dry nest, workers might seek out hollow areas inside doors, in the void of walls, in degraded solid wood, in insulation, and other dry easily penetrated materials.

Once a nest is established in an area in a home, you may begin to see carpenter ants out looking for food around the house in the evenings and overnight. This typically happens in the late winter and in the springtime when they may begin moving eggs from their main nest to satellite nests that have enough dampness to support the eggs. During this time they may also swarm for mating.

Signs You Need Carpenter Ant Removal

Besides seeing the ants themselves, there are several signs you may have a carpenter ant problem on your hands. If you notice any of the below situations, it’s best to call your local carpenter ant extermination pros:

  1. If you have carpenter ant nests in your house, you may see large swarms of winged ants around the house.
  2. Aside from simply seeing the ants in the house, you may also find piles of coarse sawdust lying around. This is the debris from the carpenter ants’ construction of their nests. They build nests by chewing through wood and creating tunnels and galleries. These nests are very clean and smooth with all sawdust removed. Hence, you will find piles of sawdust that the carpenter ants have discarded.
  3. The damage carpenter ants can do to wood can be quite severe and can cause serious structural damage to your home. If you notice weakened wood structures, you may have a carpenter ant problem.
  4. If you think a nest is in the wall, you may be able to locate it by sound. Sometimes you can actually hear them chewing.

Ways to Prevent Carpenter Ants

The best way to get rid of carpenter ants in Vancouver is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. Some of our top carpenter ant control tips include:

  1. Be sure that branches of trees do not touch your home. 
  2. Keep your home in good repair and replace any waterlogged wood with sound, dry wood.
  3. Be sure there is good drainage around your home.
  4. Be careful not to bring infested firewood into the house, and store your firewood away from your house.
  5. Keep all foods securely stored so that ants are not attracted to them. Keep all jelly, honey, sugar, and sweet foods in locking, airtight containers that will not allow carpenter ants access. Be careful of high-protein foods, too. These include all meats, water-packed tuna, and pet foods.

Professional Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ant treatment involves a tedious and logical application of various products ranging from contact killers to powder-based residuals. The delivery method of some of these products may require drilling into wall voids to isolate key points such as “satellite nests” while providing a protective barrier around the perimeter of the remainder of the home. For dependable, rapid carpenter ant removal from your home, contact Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control today!

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