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Of all the pests we treat, spiders are probably the most widely feared. Unfortunately, they’re one of the most common pest problems here in the Vancouver BC area. Although they strike fear in the hearts of many, spiders are typically harmless. Still, no one wants to deal with spider problems in their property. If you are dealing with excess spiders or one of the more dangerous species in the Vancouver BC area, it’s important to enlist the help of a spider exterminator. The spider removal team at Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control knows how distressing spiders can be. We’re here with need-to-know information on these creepy crawlers, as well as information on how to get rid of spiders.

Characteristics of Spiders in British Columbia

Everyone knows what a spider looks like. It often takes the expert eye of a professional spider pest control expert to determine what spider species you have. Some of the things that make spiders unique include:

  1. Spider bodies consist of two parts. The cephalothorax (front) and the abdomen (back). Eyes, fangs, and legs reside on the cephalothorax; while the spinnerets are found on the abdomen.
  2. Spiders have eight legs and no wings or antennae.
  3. Most spiders have eight eyes, however, some species have less or none at all.
  4. All spiders make silk, which has many and varied uses, including shelter, capturing prey, protecting offspring, helping the spider move around.

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Spiders prefer to lurk in dark, moist areas, which is why you will likely find them in your basement, attic, and/or crawl space. An adult female spider can be fertilized several times and can produce up to 9 egg sacs in her lifetime; each containing up to 200 eggs.  These reside close by, in the web, with 3 to 4 sacs at any one time. The eggs will hatch in about 8 days but don’t emerge from the sac until the first molt.

All spiders are carnivorous predators. In fact, they are the largest entirely carnivorous group of animals on the planet. Without them, the number of insects would reach pest proportions in a very short time. They are also venomous, which comes in handy when subduing their prey but can make for a nasty reaction in some people when bit. Most spiders are harmless and will only bite when threatened. In any case, it’s important to know to work with a spider exterminator who knows how to get rid of spiders naturally.

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How to Get Rid of Spiders Naturally

The best form of spider control is prevention! Our expert team of spider pest control experts is here with top tips to repel spiders naturally:

  1. Seal up your home. Fill gaps in closed doors and windows, also around wires, cables, faucets, and electrical components using caulk. Replace or fix damaged window screens. Cover vents and chimney with fine mesh insect screens.
  2. Keep outdoor lights off when not required or switch to yellow sodium vapor lights. The light itself will not appeal to spiders but it does attract their food, making it an ideal hang out for them.
  3. The cheapest way of keeping spiders out of your home is to keep it clean. Dust and vacuum the interior regularly. Eliminate clutter both inside and out. Keep the exterior perimeter free of leaves, woodpiles, and grass clippings.

Ready to Get Rid of Spiders For Good?

In order to get rid of spiders, our spider exterminators apply a contact killer that deals with the spiders. We follow that with a residual spider control spray to all active areas, as well as the entire perimeter of your home or business. This wipes out all other bugs which are potential food for your unwanted guests. For more information on our spider removal services, contact the spider exterminators at Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control today!

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