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Squirrels can cause serious damage to the roof and soffits of your home or business.  Worse still if this furry-tailed menace gains access to the interior, removal and repair can be costly.  However it’s the unseen destruction caused that becomes really worrisome; which is why squirrel removal is such an important part of OnSite Pest Control’s daily routine.  For example, rain or snow leaking through an entry hole will lead to much larger structural problems over time.

Due to their cute appearance a lot of people assume that squirrels are harmless, apart from occasionally chewing up a random plant.  While this is generally true, they do pose a great problem the moment they enter your property and start nesting there.  Among other annoying behaviors, these lovable little creatures are capable of chewing up electrical wiring causing fire hazards!  Additionally, the odors they leave behind can attract other wildlife.

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The Grey Squirrel is the most common variety found in urban settings.  They are very conservative in their diet and consume only fresh greens, dried nuts, and seeds.  They also forage around the house for sparsely dispersed food.  One of the typical habits of squirrels is to fill up their cheek pouches with food, when their bellies are full, in order to carry it back to their nests for storage.  Once they have created a nesting ground inside the house, the squirrels are most likely to forage only in areas near their nest.

Between February and April or August and September, there is a strong possibility you will be dealing with a mama squirrel with babies in her nest.  Female squirrels have up to 2 litters per year.  Each litter consists of 2-5 young which remain with the mother for approximately 8 weeks.  In this situation, we would ask that you wait until the babies have left the nest before commencing Squirrel Removal.


Much like Mouse Removal, determining the need for Squirrel Removal is easier said than done.  Apart from spotting them running about in or around the house, you will hear sounds of their activities in rooms such as the attic during the day time.  Squirrels are most active in the morning as opposed to rats and mice which are nocturnal.  You should look for gnaw damage to furniture, insulation, and wooden doors.  Also, keep an eye out for their nesting sites in concealed nooks and crannies.  If you detect chewed holes take a look at the entrance – can you see greasy rub marks or claw marks?  This is a sign of squirrels coming and going.

Also, one of the sure-shot signs of a squirrel infestation would be, of course, poop!  If you suspect your house is infested by squirrels, you should look out for droppings which are oval in shape, brown in colour, smooth in texture and about 3/8 inch in length.


As explained, your roof will provide the easiest access points into your property.  Areas of real concern are as follows:

  • Roof vents, edges and soffit intersections
  • Gable and wall vents
  • Chimneys
  • Plumbing mats

Regular inspection and maintenance (before and after winter) is essential here.  Your roof is your home’s first line of defence not just against these unwanted guests but also the weather.  Cold, wet BC winters mean your roof takes a beating every year.  Overhanging vegetation shedding debris can prevent gutters from functioning properly, accelerating rot.  It also makes for easy access to your roof when squirrels are capable of jumping 6-8 feet.  So, make sure trees are trimmed back and gutters are regularly serviced.

Finally, but most importantly, DO NOT FEED THEM.  They will keep coming back if there is a guaranteed food source.  Make sure bird feeders are squirrel-proofed and any fallen seeds are cleaned up immediately.  Garbage must be completely inaccessible.


Then you’ve come to the right place!  Our Squirrel Removal Treatment entails sending a technician to your home to carry out a full 360° investigation.  The aim is to identify and seal all but one main point of entry where a one-way door is placed.  This allows the squirrels to leave the property without causing internal damage.  Once out, they are unable to get back in.

A full investigation is essential prior to proceeding with the removal of squirrels.  You will know all about it very quickly if a squirrel gets trapped inside your property or, worse still, trapped outside when they have babies in their nest.  A squirrel will gnaw at your house relentlessly causing extensive damage to either escape or be reunited with their young.  That’s why it’s best to trust in the professionals and have the job done right.

We ask that you book a follow-up for 3+ weeks later to have the door removed and the final entry point sealed.  All OnSite Squirrel Services are backed by a 3-month warranty which kicks in after the follow-up visit.

If you know you have squirrels in the house, or think you might be susceptible to them in your area, call us today on 604-266-7483.

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