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Finding a wasp nest on your property is an unsettling and scary experience. Many people try to steer clear and ignore it, others fret and look to have it removed as soon as possible, and some make the mistake of trying to handle it themselves. You really never know how many wasps are inside the nest or the surrounding area, so even when you believe you’re dealing with a vacant nest, you could end up with a swarm of angry wasps on your hands. Read on to learn from Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control, about the dangers of wasps and what it means to remove them properly.

Why Are Wasps So Dangerous?

Many people in Vancouver BC have been stung by a wasp at some point in their lives. The unfortunate ones have been stung multiple times at once, and there’s a reason for this. Yes, they are easily agitated, but wasps only sting when they feel threatened. In this circumstance, they release a pheromone that calls to nearby wasps to help them ward off a potential predator.

This means that tampering with a wasp nest could lead to loads of wasp stings. A perceived threat to one is an assumed threat to the whole nest. Because of this, we urge our customers to keep a good distance from wasp nests on their property.

Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control’s Wasp Removal Process

When we get the call to remove a wasp nest from a customer’s property, we make sure that we take all of the proper precautions to safely, efficiently, and effectively relocate the nest.
Our wasp nest removal process follows these steps:

  1. A complete property inspection to locate any wasp nests on the premises
  2. Safe nest removal using humane methods and responsible products
  3. Further prevention methods to discourage new nest construction
  4. Wasp exclusion tips to help you navigate prevention on your own property

Professional Wasp Removal in Vancouver BC

In some cases, wasp stings can lead to anaphylaxis, a serious allergic reaction that can lead to hospitalization. The risk of severity increases with each sting, and as we’ve learned, these stings are easily compoundable. It is best not to take any risks when it comes to wasp nest removal. Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control, your local pest control company, is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable technicians who are happy to work hard to keep you safe and relaxed at home, free of wasp concerns. Contact us today for a free quote!

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