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If you have lived in the city for any length of time and had no need for Vancouver Pest Control, count yourself among the lucky ones. However, if you’re visiting this page, chances are you’re in the midst of some sort of beastly invasion. Whether it crawls, flies, or scurries; our mission here at Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control is to help rid your home of unwanted guests quickly and effectively.

We share our world with a plethora of creatures but prefer to keep our Vancouver homes and businesses bug and rodent-free. Unfortunately our furred, feathered, and creepy crawly friends aren’t aware of that old saying, “Visitors and fish stink after 3 days”. Once they find a comfortable living environment, they will take up residence and thrive until you, or some form of Vancouver Pest Control, intervene.

Need Pest Control Services?

While our service and treatment may vary dependent on the type of infestation you are facing, our basic strategy remains the same. We begin with an initial visit and evaluation of your Vancouver property during which we look for several things. No matter the pest, there will be evidence of them. Rats, mice, and birds leave droppings, which pose a potential health risk. Carpenter ants discard little piles of coarse sawdust from chewing through the wood to create their habitats causing serious structural damage; something our Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control technicians are also looking out for. These clues give us an idea of the quantity and behavior of the pests in question. We’re also paying attention to travel pathways and points of access and egress which must be identified and sealed in order for any Vancouver Pest Control service to be successful. Did you know a mouse can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime? Rats need a hole no bigger than a quarter to gain access to your home or business. It takes the trained, professional eye of our Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control technicians to ensure all entry points are detected and eliminated.

Our next step is to formulate the plan of action best suited to your unique situation. At this particular point, communication is critical. In order to see fast efficient results from Vancouver Pest Control, there are steps that must be followed to maximize the effectiveness of the products we use. Of course, our Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control technicians will follow up until your issue is completely resolved. However, your compliance and full understanding of our procedures are essential.

As soon as the strategy is devised, our fully qualified Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control technicians get down to the nitty-gritty. Our guys are prepped to take on any nuisance. Whether it’s tackling ants, fleas, spiders, or bed bugs with a light residual spray or setting strategic bait traps for mice or rats; Rentokil, formerly OnSite Pest Control has you covered. Got a bird problem? Rentokil’s, formerly OnSite Pest Control technicians are trained in the most up-to-date exclusion processes.

Ultimately, we want you to feel safe and comfortable again. With this in mind, our trained technicians are prepared to follow up as often as it takes to ensure your home is insect or vermin-free. This 5-step approach sets us apart from our competition; guaranteeing all the bases are covered and allowing us to offer the efficient, reliable service on which we pride ourselves. If you are experiencing a home or business invasion call our office today, for a no-obligation quote.

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