8 Facts About Bed Bugs in Vancouver

Bed bug in Vancouver BC - OnSite Pest ControlBed bugs. We all dread the very thought of them, the thought of getting an infestation in your own home even more. Bed bugs incite a lot of fear in people and, in turn, lead to a lot of false information spread. Because there are so many bed bug myths out there, it’s important to learn how to separate fact from fiction in order to better prepare yourself for an infestation down the line. The experts at OnSite Pest Control are here to share 8 bed bug facts to keep in mind. Read on to learn more.

Bed Bug Facts vs. Myths

With so much fear surrounding bed bugs, you’ve likely heard a lot of misinformation about these pests. Here’s what to know:

  1. Bed bugs don’t only infest messy or dirty homes. Anyone, even those with the cleanest of properties, can get a bed bug infestation at any time!
  2. Bed bugs are not nocturnal and can be active whenever their hosts are at rest. This usually means overnight, but they are able to adjust their schedule to fit yours–this means they can feed during the day if necessary.
  3. Bed bugs can be found infesting things other than your bed. Bed bugs tend to congregate near areas where people rest. This includes sofas, chairs, cracks in the wall, and even power outlets!
  4. Bed bugs cannot jump or fly. They have underdeveloped wings, and instead, move from one spot to the other by crawling or latching onto a moving item.
  5. Bed bugs are incapable of transmitting dangerous diseases with their bites. Bed bugs are infamous for their bites, which can be itchy and cause inflammation. The good news is that there is no evidence to suggest bites transmit any diseases.
  6. You cannot get rid of a bed bug problem by throwing out infested items (like mattresses). If you are in the midst of an infestation, it’s actually dangerous to move your infested items. Doing so can spread bed bugs into other areas!
  7. Bed bugs do not infest food. Unlike other pests and bugs, ed bugs have no interest in getting into your food or pantry.
  8. Bed bugs do not latch or travel on people like fleas. Although bed bugs are known to hitch a ride on your purse or suitcase, they do not attach to people as fleas or ticks do.

Bed Bugs in Vancouver BC Homes

If you have found yourself with a bed bug problem, it’s important to turn to your professional bed bug control experts. Our team can provide thorough bed bug inspections and provide quick, effective treatment to get rid of your bed bug problem. Contact us today to get started!

8 Facts About Bed Bugs in Vancouver in Vancouver BC

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