Leaky Pipes & Thirsty Pests

Roaches are attracted to leaks in Vancouver BC homes - OnSite Pest Control

Finding out you have a plumbing issue or leaky pipes is bad enough—finding out you have pest problems due to this is even worse! Unfortunately, these two occurrences often go hand in hand. This is because pests of all types are drawn to moisture and humid environments, which is why they’re frequently found dwelling in . . . read more.

What Types of Homes Get Termites?

What types of homes get termites - OnSite Pest Control in Vancouver BC

Termites are infamous for damaging wood when they infest a home. This has led to a myth that termites only infest buildings made out of wood. Like it or not, termites are capable of infesting all types of homes. Whether you live in a brick or wooden home, there are many factors at play when . . . read more.

Afraid of Rodents and Bugs? 2021 May Not Be Your Year

OnSite Pest Control in Vancouver BC

Entomologists from OnSite’s parent company, Rentokil Provide their Pest Predictions for 2021 READING, Penn. (Jan. 4, 2021) — As if 2020 didn’t present enough challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 could be a banner year for pests around the country. To help residents prepare for 2021, entomologists from Rentokil used field knowledge and data to . . . read more.

Are Termites Common in the Fall or Winter?

Termites can infest Vancouver BC homes in the fall and winter - OnSite Pest Control

Many assume the colder months of the year means a decrease in pest problems. This may be true for some types of pests, but termites are active all year long. Many species swarm in the spring and summertime, but all termites remain at work throughout the winter months. Even in the colder temperatures here in . . . read more.