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Wasp Nest Removal

wasp nest removalThere are many different types of wasps (often confused with hornets) here in British Columbia which are broken in to two main groups, solitary wasps and social wasps. Social wasps are usually the ones that become a nuisance and threaten our safety on our property around our homes. “Yellow Jacket’s” and “Paper Wasps” are the most common of this bunch. They both have yellow and black appearance to them not to be mistaken with black and white being “Bald-faced hornets”. All of these little guys range from roughly 2 to 3.5cm but unlike bee’s, can be quite aggressive and sting multiple times if provoked. Their nests can be found in a variety of places from a tree stump in the playground to the peak entrance of your home.

Wasps consist of 3 categories:

  • Queens
  • Males
  • Workers(infertile)

wasp nest removalQueens and males are produced closer to the end of the summer. They mate then allowing the queen to find a safe place to reside in over the winter months. Come spring, the queen will find an appropriate location for her nest to lay her eggs in and grow her colony. These colonies can grow as large as 30,000 individuals.

Treatment for wasps usually will consist of a spray. This is to ensure that once the colony has been killed and the nest(in most cases) has been removed, any remaining members will be deterred from returning to the area.

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