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Wasps are some of the most recognizable pests throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. Hornets and yellow jackets seem to be everywhere during warm months. Being afraid of wasps in nothing to be ashamed of – but these pests shouldn’t send you running! Luckily, Onsite Pest Control is here to help. Instead of fleeing from the problem, our Vancouver wasp removal service tackles your infestation head-on.

What Should You Know About Wasps?

There are a few things that you should know if you want to get rid of wasps. Instead of dealing with one pest, property owners are often dealing with social wasps and even a wasp nest. This means plenty of potential for stings. Wasps are known to be very aggressive but this only true for part of the year. More often than not, wasps have more important things to worry about than you. Wasps are focused on their own needs: most notably for food and a place to call home.

Constructing a wasp nest takes time but paper wasps are able to get the job done. Construction projects might keep these flying frights busy for a while but as soon as these pests are done, they go on the hunt for sugar and protein and they become aggressive. Wasp stings are one of the most common allergens know to humans. Having them around and agitated can be a big problem or even life threatening!

Need Pest Control Services?

Wasp Control: Calling In Professionals

There are certain pests that you should waste no time in removing. Wasps are one of them! These insects can build their nests anywhere. It is more likely that these pests will build their nests in ‘out of the way’ areas. The peaks of homes or garages are common or underneath decks or up in rafters. Trying to handle these nests on your own can lead to structural or bodily harm. An inexperienced removal or spray can draw wasps out of these nests and cause them to attack. Call today to speak with one of our technicians about how our Vancouver pest control services can help you.

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