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Squirrels are cute, there is no way around it. From their twitching noses to the tip of their fluffy tails. The problems with squirrels isn’t their appearance, but the trouble that they cause for Vancouver property owners. If you do not have the heart to evict these uninvited guests, let the pest removal experts at Onsite help you out. Our Vancouver squirrel removal service is friendly, humane and efficient. What’s not to like about that?

How Do Squirrels Get In?

Squirrels are as crafty as they are loveable. These animals use the roof of properties to gain access to the interior of your space. Squirrels use branches and poles or wires to gain access to your roof and from there, they have their pick of entry points. Squirrels can enter in through open chimneys, ventilation ducts, cracks in foundations or walls, areas where materials have rotted away. These are all points of entry – and don’t forget the standard points of entry like windows or doors.

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Vancouver Squirrel Removal: The Onsite Approach

Squirrels are more destructive than you might think them to be. In the same way that mice do, squirrels have a tendency to chew through building materials, including wiring. These types of fire hazards need to be removed as soon as possible and that is why our pest control experts act as quickly as we are able.

Trying to remove squirrel populations on your own can create an even bigger problem for property owners. Sealing squirrels inside can cause them to panic, and leading them to claw and chew through the areas of their former exits. This is why our Vancouver squirrel removal has developed a system that allows the squirrels to remove themselves! By sealing 9/10 exits and installing a one-way door on the opened area, Onsite technicians allow squirrels to see themselves out.

If squirrels have invaded your space, call Onsite Pest Control for your Vancouver squirrel removal.

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