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Sow bugs are a prime example of those pests that are not noteworthy but not welcome either. Sow bugs are not destructive to your property or your person but they are more than happy to camp out in your space. Sow bugs might not be dangerous to human health but having them in your home is no picnic. If these bugs have made their way into your home or business, don’t hesitate to call Onsite for your Vancouver sow bug removal.

Sow Bugs In Your Space

Sow bugs are most often found outdoors but it does not take much for these pests to make their way inside. Something as simple as an opened window can mean the difference between pest-free and infested. The diet of the sow bug is primarily decaying plants, fallen leaves, and other natural debris. In an area like Vancouver, these spaces and food sources are always available. Having sow bugs on the exterior of your property can be seen as both a good and bad thing. Eating decaying plant debris and seedlings can aid in the process of composting and plant growth but as important as composting is, these bugs can eat healthy plants as well.

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Vancouver Sow Bug Removal: Identifying The Issue

Sow bugs enter your property quietly and often without notice. These pests enter in through unsealed cracks, openings around door frames or even through opened windows. These bugs are small, and resemble tiny trilobites. Sow bugs will crawl into your home or business and search out their ideal environment. You can find these crustaceans in basements, low cupboards or even around drains. Once we have found sow bugs in your space, we treat the infestation with a light spraying to high traffic and surrounding areas.

If you find yourself sharing your living space with these pests, call Onsite for our Vancouver sow bug removal. These pests do not stand a chance against our pest removal specialists.

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