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Silverfish are one of the most common, but least recognized pests in Vancouver. These insects are a perfect storm of stealth and camouflage, making them difficult to see at the best of times. If you suspect that you have an infestation on your hands, call Onsite Pest Control for your Vancouver silverfish removal services.

Identifying Your Pests

Silverfish are tear-drop shaped insects who have earned their name from their colour and style of movement. Silverfish are dark in colour, with a silver sheen and large tails and antennae. If you haven’t seen one first hand, you are not alone. These critters are nocturnal and notoriously fast. One flicker of light and they are gone before you know it. Silverfish might be quick but our Onsite technicians are faster.
Even if you do not see these pests firsthand, you are probably familiar with the damage that they cause. The term ‘food’ is used very loosely when it comes to silverfish. These slithering pests can make a meal out of nearly anything that has a cellulose base. Crumbs, sweets and other kitchen cast-offs can provide meals but so can natural textiles, such as cotton, certain types of paper and some household adhesives.

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Vancouver Silverfish Removal: Banish Those Bugs

Silverfish thrive in high humidity environments and that is why Vancouver suits them so nicely. They hide in dark and damp places, laying eggs in the cracks and crevices around closets, cupboards. This makes it increasingly difficult to get rid of them. Even if the visible pests are removed, there are dozens waiting in the wings. When performing your Vancouver silverfish removal. Onsite experts spray into these often overlooked spaces to make sure that eggs and adolescent silverfish are removed properly.
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