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There are few pests that can thrive in Vancouver as well as rats can. With an unending food supply and a ton of homes and businesses to call home, rats are a huge problem within the city. If you are sharing your space with these rodents, call OnSite Pest Control. Our Vancouver rat removal can have your property rat-free in no time at all.

Why Is Vancouver So Popular For Rats?

Having rats in Vancouver is nothing new, but what makes these pests so eager to settle down? Vancouver is a port city and as such, these rats come in from around the globe. These little stow aways can hitch rides in large boats or trains. Once they arrive, rats have all the resources that they need, right at your front door!

Rats, more than anything, are survivalists! These pests are experts at staying alive. Unfortunately, this survival comes at the expense of property owners. No time of year is safe from rat infestation. During winter months, rats will creep into homes or businesses in search of warmth and shelter. In summer, when there is more sun than rain, rats will go in search of water, chewing through hoses or pipes to get it. Out of all the resources necessary to thrive, food is the most important rats. Humans and their homes provide all of these necessities in spades.

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Vancouver Rat Removal

It is easy to address all the reasons that having rats is a problem. What is harder to figuring out how to get rid of them. The staff at one site, however, have figured it out. The key to a successful Vancouver rat removal is consistency. Instead of only removing the rats that are present at the time, OnSite strives to prevent returning or new visitors as well. Technicians search out openings and entry points around the property. By sealing these up, we reduce the chances of re-entry. After the initial removal, our technicians continue to bait and remove traps.

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