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Mice might be cute from a distance but they become less so when they invade your home or work space. These pests do more than scurry and chew. The longer that mice are allowed to live in your space, the more dangerous they become. Call Onsite Pest Control today for our Vancouver Mouse Removal Services, and enjoy being rodent free!

The Great Indoors

Mice are fully capable of surviving outdoors but it is just as convenient to set up shop under your roof. There are certain things that every creature needs in order to survive. Water, food and shelter are all of life’s essentials and all of these are available inside your home or business.

When mice enter your property, they do two things: they immediately behind to share your food and they begin to leave droppings. Diet and feces are the two most dangerous parts of a mouse infestation,

Diet: Mice are omnivores. These rodents prefer to fill their furry bellies with grains and nuts but they will eat anything available. This includes insulation and wiring! This puts your home at risk for costly repairs and even electrical fires.

Droppings: Mice can leave up to 36,000 droppings per year. These droppings are behind walls, in vents, and anywhere else mice can travel, including your food supply! When mice find their way inside food packaging, they leave behind poop, urine and saliva. These substances transmit several diseases such as salmonella. BUT – the fun doesn’t stop there! When these materials dry and are disturbed, they release a new grouping of bacteria, including the dreaded hantavirus.

Need Pest Control Services?

Vancouver Mouse Removal: How To Treat Your Space

The best thing that you can do to treat your mouse infestation is to call in professional help at the first signs of these rodents. Quick action can minimize breeding and mean the different between a manageable population and mouse-ageddon. Our Vancouver mouse removal services inspects your property and then creates a plan to accommodate your needs.

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