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Pests can creep into your home in many ways but there are none so sneaky as the Indian meal moth. These moths sneak in and strike home and property owners where they are the most vulnerable: their food! Having Indian meal moths lurking around your property can be hazardous to your health but Onsite Pest Control can help! These pests can be removed with our Vancouver Indian meal moth removal.

What On Earth Is An Indian Meal Moth?

Indian meal moths are visually distinguishable from clothing moths by their two-tone wings. In their adult stages, these moths measure approximately 1 cm in length with a wing span of 3 cm. They may not be large but these pests can create quite a headache around your property.
Adult, winged females lay eggs on accessible food sources. When these eggs hatch, the new larvae are already in a space to begin eating and contaminating that food source. Larvae produce a silk-like netting to protect themselves. This netting collects discarded skin and fecal matter, allowing it to rest on top of food sources. This leaves bacteria throughout your flour, cornmeal, sugar, crackers and other standard foodstuffs.

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Vancouver Indian Meal Moth Removal

Approaching your pest removal is a situation similar to that of the chicken and the egg. The larvae of the Indian meal moth do the most physical damage to their host homes but these larvae are left behind by winged females. These pests need to be addressed at both stages. By removing females, there can be no more eggs laid, and no more females to produce more eggs.

Your Vancouver indian meal moth removal begins with a light treatment of the overall affected area. Once this is completed, a second spray is applied to the lesser travelled but often infested areas. Cupboards, cracks or openings in baseboards are all prime real estate for Indian meal moths to live in.

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