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When it comes to stinging insects, it is better to consider all of your options before treatment is considered. Approaching your Vancouver hornet nest removal without proper training and knowledge can only end badly. Why bother with risk when you have a team of professionals right in your own backyard.

Hornets, Hives & High Tension

There is not a whole lot of popularity around stinging insects but hornets are just about the worst of the worst. Hornets are more aggressive than is expected from wasps or bees. The reason for this? Territorial females combined with a strong sense of teamwork when it comes to keep threats away.

Hives are made out of a papery substance made up of chewed and dried tree pulp. This process takes a lot of work and female hornets take pride in their work. When these females feel as though their hive is being threatened, they will sting. The most dangerous is not the single sting but the multiple! Unlike other, more solitary pests, hornets act as a team in order to protect their living space.

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Vancouver Hornet Nest Removal: Why Choose Onsite?

A hornet nest might not look intimidating from the outside but these papery structures house a large degree of winged-fury. By approaching a nest in the wrong way, Vancouver residents can trigger a lot of aggression in a short period of time. The best thing for you to do is put your Vancouver hornet nest removal in the hands of professionals and keep away from it all together.

Our hornet nest removal service works in two parts. First sprays are used to eliminate the active hornet population inside and then the nest is removed. By spraying first, technicians eliminate the risk of stings and deter any remaining hornets from returning to build a new nest.

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