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Fleas are a common pest throughout British Columbia. So common, in fact, that over the counter remedies are a dime a dozen. The problem with these remedies is that they aren’t strong enough to treat full infestations. One or two rogue intruders? Sure, why not? But if you feel that fleas have taken over your space, don’t hesitate to contact Onsite Pest Control. Our Vancouver Flea Removal services will leave you satisfied

Identifying The Issue

The first step to your Vancouver flea removal is assessing the scale of infestation within your home or business. Just because you find a pest or two roaming around your carpet does not mean that you have ticks hiding in every corner. The technicians at Onsite begin every treatment by identifying the pests that you do have and the severity with which you have them. Treating for fleas is useless if you are dealing with something else entirely – like a bed bug, for example.
Fleas are small insects, most often reddish-brown in colour. Egg sacks and adolescent fleas are normally close to translucent in colour. Once they mature and begin to feed off of blood, they become much darker in colour. These adult fleas also have hardened plates around the outside of their bodies. This makes them even more difficult to kill off. You can’t squish them!

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Vancouver Flea Removal: How to Treat Your Infestation

These pests require a very specific treatment method. What makes fleas so special, you might ask? Good question! Instead of simply killing off those fleas that you can see, our pest removal experts make sure to remove the population as a whole! Sprays are applied to surrounding areas where eggs and infant fleas could be hiding out.

Over the years, our Onsite technicians have studied fleas throughout the Vancouver area. We know where they are more likely to hide, and the best ways to get rid of them. Call today to find out how our Vancouver flea removal can benefit your space.

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