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Cockroaches are one of the most well-known and highly recognized pests worldwide. They can be anywhere from alleyways to the big screen but the one place that you don’t want to see them is inside your property. If roaches have made a home for themselves inside your four walls, call Onsite Pest Control. Our Vancouver cockroach removal can get those roaches out.

Where Can You Find Roaches

If you are searching for one spot around your property that houses cockroaches, you are out of luck. Unlike some other pests, roaches do not build designated nests or living quarters. As soon as the lights go out, cockroaches can be found just about everywhere, but they scurry away as soon as you flip the light-switch. Roaches hide, in plain sight, under appliances, behind wall clocks and photos, and just about anywhere else that you can think of.

Roaches prefer damp spaces with an accessible food source and that is why kitchen and bathrooms are a top real estate destination for these creepy crawlers. The most obvious sign of a roach infestation are the lifeless bodies of cockroaches passed, however, there are less obvious signs as well. Despite living in or near them, cockroaches have terrible bathroom habits. You might find dropping in cupboards, drawers or even across countertops. Cockroach droppings closely resemble pepper or coffee that has been spilled. Shed skin is also a good indicator that you have got roaches on the premises.

Need Pest Control Services?

Why Call Onsite For Your Vancouver Cockroach Removal?

Cockroaches have earned a reputation for being stubborn and rightfully so! Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of. That is, not impossible but definitely not a walk in the park either – unless you call Onsite Pest Control. In order to ensure that we get the job done, our Vancouver cockroach removal services is split up into three visits spaced out between 7 – 10 days. During these visits, our Onsite technicians inspect and lay bait in high traffic areas.

Call Onsite today to find out how our Vancouver cockroach removal can benefit your property. We are so confident in your results that we offer a 6 month roach-free guarantee.

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