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Centipedes are one of Vancouver’s least-liked pests. They are things that horror movies are made of. Sharp teeth, speed and anywhere from 7 to 300 legs! Having these pests around your property is enough to scare anyone but Onsite technicians are here to save the day. Our Vancouver centipede removal gets those pests out so you can sleep easy.

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Centipedes & You

Centipedes thrive at night and enjoy damp and dark spaces. This means that basements, crawlspaces, low cupboards, and even pipes and drains can support centipede populations. These anthropoids can be classified as either beneficial or harmful to your household.

The Benefits: Centipedes are known to eat other household pests. Centipedes are not picky but they do tend to eat small spiders, silverfish, roaches, crickets, moths and flies. This might seem great but for as much as centipedes eat, they are not exterminators. The regular diet of the centipede is not enough to reduce the population of other pests around your space, but it doesn’t hurt either!

The Draw Backs: One of the most notable facts about centipedes, aside from their slithering appearance, is the fact that they bite! The average house centipede has a minor bite that cannot break human skin. Other types of centipedes (like the ones that sneak in from outside) can, however, deliver a strong chomp! Centipedes also deliver poison from a special gland. This poison normally wears off within a couple of hours but it can have adverse affects as well. Allergic reactions have been known to occur when centipede bites break skin.

Whether you are dealing with run of the mill centipedes, or something a little more rugged, Onsite pest control can help! Do not hesitate to enlist our expert pest removal services for your Vancouver centipede removal.

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