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Birds of all shapes and size, are opportunists. These feathered creatures don’t hesitate to snap up any available meal and build their nests in any available space. This means that, without proper Vancouver Bird Control techniques, you will be stuck sharing your space.

The Problem With Birds

Birds probably have the best reputation amongst the pest community. This is more than likely because “birds” is a broad category. Vancouverites might not have an issue with tiny song birds or colourful fliers but when it comes to crows and pigeons, they are another story all together. These types of birds can be both destructive and aggressive.

You might not associate birds with being aggressive but every year, there are dozens of crow attacks across the city of Vancouver. Why, you might ask? The answer is simple: nests. If crows are permitted to build their nests on or around your property, they will protect their nests and their young. If you want to avoid this Hitchcock nightmare, you had better call in Onsite and our Vancouver bird control.

Crows might be in instigators but pigeons are the ones who are truly invasive. These birds are loud, filthy and leave behind one heck of a mess. In addition to being unsightly, pigeon droppings can be hazardous to your health and property. Pigeon droppings are acidic and, if left on surfaces, can become corrosive. These birds are also known to carry a multitude of dangerous bacteria around on their feet and bodies. In either case, you do not want these winged-rodents hanging around your space.

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Vancouver Bird Control: Made To Fit Your Property

If the technicians at Onsite have learned anything from their time in the industry, it is that each case needs to be treated individually. Luckily, our Vancouver bird control comes in many shapes and sizes. By partnering with Bird B Gone, our technicians have access to all the latest and greatest deterrent equipment. Depending on the size of your property and infestation, products have are available in the physical, audible and visual realms. Whether you want to scare these birds away or just stop them from perching, we have got you covered.
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