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When it comes to invasive pests, bed bugs are the worst! These bugs sneak into your home, invade your space and make a meal out of you! There is no way to manage bed bug populations and you definitely can’t live alongside them. Luckily, OnSite pest control is here to help you get those bugs out. Our Vancouver bed bug removal is available for both resident and commercial spaces.

Vancouver Bed Bug Removal: What You Should Know

There are nearly 2,000 reported cases of bed bug activity throughout Vancouver. These range from single residential homes, to theatres, hotels and other retail properties. Bed bugs might be associated with unkept properties but the truth is, these bugs can come from anywhere. Bed bugs are small, light and travel easily, making any home or business at risk for infestation. Once these bugs are inside, they breed quickly, creating more and more mouths to feed. Bed bugs usually stay around bedding and mattresses, as well as well-travelled furniture. By staying close to these areas, bed bugs almost ensure a meal for themselves.

Bed bug bites are normally discoloured and itchy but in some residents, these bites can cause allergic reactions in victims. Bed bugs can carry germs but their bites are not known to transmit disease. This is good news for those facing off against infestations but means that residents and property owners are on their own to deal with the issue.

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Getting The Bugs Out

Getting rid of bed bugs is not as simple as putting out baits or traps. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to remove because they are so resilient. These pests can survive through extreme temperatures, and go long periods without a meal, in some cases, up to a year. Because of this resiliency, our Vancouver bed bug removal does not stop until we have removed the infestation completely. Each property is different and our technicians act accordingly. Multiple treatments and visits are all in a days work when it comes to your Vancouver bed bug removal.

The first signs of a bed bug infestation can come visually by spotting one these critters, physically through bites or even by smell. The longer than these bugs are allowed to thrive inside your home or business, the more difficult they are to remove. Call Onsite Pest Control at the first sign of infestation.

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