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Ants are a dime a dozen outdoors. You can find them along sidewalks, drawling through grass and, unfortunately, around your floor and cupboards. When you begin to spot these unwelcome visitors in your space, there is one way to get rid of them: Onsite’s Vancouver ant removal service.

Small Ants, Big Problems

There are more than one hundred species of ants crawling across Canada. Through all these species, it is the pavement and carpenter ant that you are most likely to encounter throughout Vancouver. Pavement ants will usually create nests outdoors, normally underneath flat stones or concrete pads such as patios or driveways. Pavement ants, unlike some other species, have multiple queens in multiple colonies. These queens are the only ones within their respective colonies to reproduce. This means that other female ants need to get to work. These non-reproducing females head out to hunt down new sources of food. Once they have found one, they leave chemical trails, much like maps for other ants to follow. This means that, if one ant chooses your kitchen as their favourite new diner, you will soon be dealing with anywhere from several to hundreds on ants!

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Vancouver Ant Removal: Quick Actions, Great Results

By acting quickly at the first sign of ants indoors, you can catch the problem before it becomes a widespread infestation. By calling Onsite for your Vancouver ant removal, you can stop these six-legged pests in their tracks. An ant-free home is only a phone call away, so don’t hesitate.

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