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A wasp on its own is scary enough but a group of them can be downright frightening. Wasps have a part to play in the environment right outside your door, however, they are not always fun to be around! If these pests are terrorizing you inside or outside, call Onsite for your Maple Ridge wasp nest removal.

Wasps: Hard Workers, Bad Houseguests

Wasps are a hard working species. In the same way that humans do, these pests have a busy time as well as a slow season. During spring and early summer months, do not be surprised if you miss out on wasps entirely. During this time, wasps are pollinating plants, finding meals and building their nests. When all of these goals are completed, it is recreation time for wasps. Humans might spend their time poolside or hiking during their off-season, but wasps have a different agenda: food.

Wasps are attracted primarily to sweets and proteins. That is why these pests seem to haunt picnics, barbecues and particularly the patios of bars and restaurants. One at a time, these pests aren’t that big of a problem but where there is one, there could be many. Dealing with a wasp nest requires a lot more effort than shooing and swatting.

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Maple Ridge Wasp Nest Removal: The Onsite Approach

A large group of wasps around your property id not only inconvenient, but it dangerous as well. If it comes down to a threat to their nest wasps will defend their home. It is this territorial attitude that makes removing a wasp nest on your own, very difficult. There are quite a few over-the-counter wasp removal products but only a professional can handle your Maple Ridge wasp removal safely and effectively.

The trained staff at Onsite Pest Control approach your wasp nest removal in parts. First the nest itself is treated in order to eliminate the larger wasp population as well as discouraging return visits from these pests. Once the threat is removed, these nests can be taken away safely.

Don’t risk taking your Maple Ridge wasp nest removal into your own hands. Instead, pass the job onto your friendly, neighbourhood removal specialists.

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