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Many cities in “super-natural”, British Columbia are familiar with different types of pests. It is easy to identify centipedes or spiders at first glance. Sow bugs, however, still leave many Maple Ridge residents scratching their heads. These pests are common throughout B.C but they tend to look something more easily found in a paleontology textbook. These insects might look like tiny fossils but sow bugs are alive and thriving. If these bugs have made their way into your home or business, don’t hesitate to call Onsite for your Maple Ridge sow bug removal.

Maple Ridge Sow Bug Removal: What You Should Know

Sow bugs prefer to live in cool, damp areas. Their diet consists or primarily plant matter and organic debris. The preferred diet and climate of the sow bug makes gardens and yards the perfect place to call home. Because of their diet of natural debris, dying leaves, there is no better place to call home than inside damp soil. Some gardeners appreciate the natural composting that occurs as a result of sow bugs but when they sneak inside, it is another story.
These pests find their way indoors through unsealed cracks, openings around door frames or through opened windows. Once they are inside, sow bugs scurry into cracks and corners of damp areas. Basements, bathrooms, low cupboards and even drains are all prime real estate for these pests.

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The Onsite Approach

Squishing one of these sow bugs does little to control the overall population within your space. Any pest control expert will tell you that insects do not normally travel alone. That is why our Maple Ridge sow bug removal begins with a preliminary spray of all affected areas. By treating not only the affected area, but the surrounding area as well, our Onsite technicians can get those pests out.

Call today to find out how our Maple Ridge sow bug removal can help you get the critters out of your home or business.

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