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Having spiders sneak up on you in the shower is not a new feeling to any Canadian. Pests are always around, but the noticeable ones tend to get the most attention. However, when you are worried about catching spiders, there are much greater issues going on behind the scenes. Silverfish, for example, slither around your property while you are sleeping. If you believe these silvery pests are present in your space, call Onsite for our Maple Ridge silverfish control.

Maple Ridge Silverfish Control: What You Should Know

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures, making them hard to spot. The best chance that you have is flicking the switch in the middle of the night. If this late-night system doesn’t work for you, call Onsite to help you out. Any way that you slice it, having silverfish around your property is bad news. These pests slither through the dark around your space and are some of the most destructive pests that you can find across the Maple Ridge area.

Silverfish are so-named because of the silver-sheen of their bodies. This colouring might lean more towards a dark blue and aides in concealing them from their enemies. Silverfish are equipped with both long antennae and tails and they move by moving their bodies back and forth. These movements give them the appearance of slithering around surfaces. These pests are likely to haunt your bathrooms or kitchens in search of food. Silverfish have been known to travel up to 9 metres in search of food. That is bad news for anyone in a multi-unit area building. These insects might be willing to travel for food but they certainly don’t need it. Silverfish can go up to a year without a meal. When they do decide to eat, their diets are very broad. They can survive off crumbs, cotton, hair, and certain glues.

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Getting The Fish Out

Because silverfish can survive thrive on moisture alone, it is nearly impossible to remove them without professional help. These pests spread their eggs out around the cracks and opened spaces of your property. There is no way for your Maple Ridge silverfish control to function properly without removing these eggs. That is why our Onsite technicians use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure that your pest problem is gone for good!

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