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Rats are some of the most recognized pests around! They can be seen scurrying around alleys or tearing through trash. Most of the time, it is completely fine to let these rats live their lives uninterrupted but it is different when they make their way inside. Having rats in your home or business is a hazard to its structural integrity and to your health. Rats are bad roommates and if you are ready to get rid of them, call Onsite Pest Control for your Maple Ridge rat removal.

Rats are more than capable of surviving on their own but why bother when it is so easy to live around humans? One man’s trash might be another man’s treasure but to a rat – they are both considered dinner. Rats can eat just about anything but other resources are more scarce in some areas. Water, in particular, is an issue during summer months. When a rat is in need of water, they will chew through hoses, and even pipes in order to get it. This means big problems and a costly fix for water damage repair.

Winters around the Maple Ridge area are known to be mild on average but residents are familiar with cold snaps as well. During these colder period, rats are known to search out warmth anywhere that they can. Rats do not ordinarily receive invitations to the interiors of homes or businesses. If these rodents can sneak through an opened door or window. their entry is a breeze but more often than not, it requires more work.

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Maple Ridge Rat Removal: What You Are Up Against

When it comes to your Maple Ridge rat removal, knowing what type of rat you are dealing with is key to success. Effective rodent removal does not occur by removing the surface population of rats but by blocking their passage in as well. By blocking and sealing up points of entry, Onsite technicians ensure no other rats enter the property. After sealing up any points of entry, technicians place traps and baits at strategic points throughout the property.

If you feel that our Maple Ridge rat removal can benefit your property, do not hesitate to call. Every day that these pests are allowed to stay inside your property is another opportunity for populations to grow.

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