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Going toe to toe with mice at some point in your life is almost inevitable. These rodents are everywhere and although they are cute, they are destructive. You should try to keep these mice out of your property, through preventative measures but when you can’t keep these pests out, call Onsite. Our Maple Ridge mouse removal is here to help get those mice out and keep them out!

What To Expect From Mice

The common house mouse is the most recognizable species of mouse across Canada. Thee mice are only 3-4 inches in length and can fit through space the size of a dime. This means that any cracks or openings across your property might as well be revolving doors. It also makes it nearly impossible to keep these pests out of multi-unit properties such as condominiums, townhouses and apartment buildings.

Once these mice are inside, they waste no time in eating you out of house and home. Sure, mice prefer many of the same foods that you do, such as bread, nuts and other grains but they do not stop there. Mice are opened to eating building materials such as insulation, wooden planks, beams or even wiring.

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Maple Ridge Mouse Removal: Getting The Pests Out

When mice enter your home or workplace, they bring health risks along with them. Chewing on wire not only leads to repair or replacement of materials, but can result in electrical fires as well. This is only one way that mice pose threats around your space. Urine and feces left behind also pose threats of respiratory disease and digestive issues. The only way to eliminate these threats is to get those mice out.

Effective treatment methods do not only address the presence of mice but the degree of infestation as well. There are different methods of dealing with minimal mouse intrusion and a full-blown take-over. The trained technicians at Onsite Pest Control are able to help you distinguish what type of issues you are dealing with and the best way to treat them. Your Maple Ridge mouse removal is only a phone call away. Contact Onsite and get those mice out.

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