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The first instinct when moths start showing up in your home is to start hiding sweaters! Moths are well-known eaters of clothing but different species have different diets. Indian meal moths are not interested in eating your clothing but will invade your food stores. If you notice these pests around your space, call Onsite for your Maple Ridge indian meal moth removal service.

Getting to Know Indian Meal Moths

If you are not familiar with the name Indian Meal Moth, don’t worry, you are not alone! These moths operate a bit differently than the standard “fly headlong into the light” moths that we are used to in Maple Ridge. Instead of beginning their lives outside and making their way in, these moths were likely already in your home!

Female moths can enter your property in any number of ways and they have one goal: to find a food source and a place to lay their eggs. These adult females lay their eggs in opened food sources. Bags of flour, opened cookie boxes, and any type of split grain is up for grabs as a home for larvae.

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Maple Ridge Indian Meal Moth Removal: What to Expect

Now, if the thought of larvae in your food sources was no bad enough, consider what they leave behind. Larvae create silk-like materials along surfaces and inside food sources. These strands collect skin flakes as they are shed, and waste from the infant indian meal moths. Instead of contending with contaminated food a house full of flying foes, call Onsite for our Maple Ridge indian meal moth removal.

The reason that our removal techniques are so effective is treating not only the moths that you can see but the ares that they are likely to be as well. An aerosol treatment knocks down populations of adult indian meal moths, followed with a treatment of cracks and space that larvae are likely to be.

If your space is being taken over by flying pests, call today for our Maple Ridge indian meal moth removal.

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