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Is there anything more worrisome than seeing hornets buzzing around your property? There is never a good time to face off against hornets but with a little help, it doesn’t need to be a chore! The pest removal experts at Onsite pest control and your Maple Ridge hornet nest removal is only a phone call away.

What Attracts Hornets & What To Expect From Them

More so than anything, hornets are attracted to sweets. It is not only artificial sweets that attracts these pests, but natural ones as well. Tree sap, fruit, honey or even certain bird feeders will call these pests to them. Hornets are also known to eat other insects as well. Hornets might not have a great concept of personal space when it comes to humans, but they are certainly eager to protect their own.

Hornets are not aggressive all on their own. Humans might be scared of their stings but hornets are not inclined to sting unless provoked. Female hornets, in particular, are very territorial creatures. If female hornets feel as though their nest is being threatened, they will attack and they will do so in great numbers. That is why it is so important to have professional help with dealing with nests.

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Maple Ridge Hornet Nest Removal: One Step At A Time

Because hornets are known to be aggressive around their nests, it is important to eliminate populations before they become too large. These nests are made out of a paper-like material, made up of chewed pulp from trees. They are often built in difficult to reach areas, such as roofs, under decks or the peaks of structures.

By calling Onsite Pest Control, you are committing to the best possible result for your property. Our Maple Ridge hornet nest removal is done is completed in stages. The first step is a spray that eliminates the colony population. This spray also prevents other hornets from returning to the nest if they have been away. Once hornet populations have been eliminated, the nest itself can be removed safely.

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