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When it comes to household pests, fleas are among the worst! These pests can be found all over Canada but thrive along the west coast. If you find these pests inside your home or business. call Onsite for our Maple Ridge flea removal.

Fleas: The Hitchhiking Pests

Fleas do not do well in extreme temperatures. They cannot survive through prolonged high temperatures or cold snaps. This makes the mild and damp temperatures around Maple Ridge the perfect place to call home. British Columbians love to be outdoors and whether you are hiking, camping or just taking a walk in the park, you can end up with fleas.
These insects can attach themselves to your hair, clothing or even, you pets. Instead of being easy to brush off, these fleas dig in for the long haul. Your dog or cat might shake and scratch but the exterior layers of fleas body are “armoured”, making them tough to dislodge. If you are able to recognize these fleas when they are in the singular stages, over the counter treatments can probably handle these pests. However, these fleas multiply quickly.

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Maple Ridge Flea Removal: Protecting Your Home

When female fleas enter homes or businesses, they waste no time in laying eggs. By laying eggs loosely in the long hair of their host animals, adult fleas allow their eggs to be transplanted in different spots throughout their new home. In fact, adult fleas only account for about half the overall population. This means that even if you do end up catching a few of these fleas, there are dozens more just waiting to hatch. This is why part of our Maple Ridge flea removal involves vacuums, preliminary sprays as well as follow-up techniques in order to ensure that the flea population is removed completely. On top of our initial removal, Onsite Pest Control gives clients a 6-month service guarantee.

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