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Out in the world, there are some pests that are harmful and some that are beneficial, but in your home, no pest is a good pest. Carpenter ants are difficult to identify without a trained eyes, but the damage that they do around your property is obvious enough. If you suspect that these ants have invaded your space, call Onsite for your Maple Ridge carpenter ant removal.

Keeping Carpenter Ants Outdoors

Carpenter ants are great in nature. These ants are normally found near damp or rotting wood. They chew through stumps and branches in order to create colonies inside or nearby. Ants reproduce quickly, so it is only a matter of time before these colonies expand to accommodate their growth. These new, satellite colonies can accommodate hundreds of thousands of ants. When they are in such large numbers, carpenter ants aid in natural composting. Yes, carpenter ants are great outdoors but when they sneak inside – that is a problem!

In the same way that carpenter ants contribute to composting outside, these pests begin to break down materials around your property. Parent colonies can form outside, around your property in wooden areas, stumps, or wood piles. When ant populations outgrow their colonies and food sources, female workers go out in search of new areas to put down roots. These ants are likely to begin their trek inward along exterior wooden structures such as decks or patio space. Carpenter ants crawl in through cracks around these structures as well as through any type of openings such as door or windows.

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Maple Ridge Carpenter Ant Removal: A Multi-Step Process

Getting rid of carpenter ants is no easy feat. It might seem as though you are dealing with run of the mill ants but because of their aptitude for tunnelling, there is no telling how deep into your home these ants can be found. Your Maple Ridge carpenter ant removal is broken up into very different treatment methods. These can be contact killers or isolation of high traffic areas or satellite colonies.

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