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Ants are present in nearly every corner of the world. The exception to this is Antarctica, probably because ants are too small to fit into snowsuits. Extreme temperatures might keep ants away, but in Maple Ridge, we have them in spades. If your property is being overrun with ants, don’t pack up and head south just yet! Call Onsite Pest Control instead. Our Maple Ridge ant removal can help you take your property back from these six-legged intruders.

Ants In Your Home

Chances are, if you live in the Maple Ridge area and are seeing ants, you are dealing with either carpenter or pavement ants. While carpenter ants are in a league all their own, pavement ants are common and treatable. These pests can often be found surrounding the hard surfaces around your property. Small mounds around the perimeter of driveways, patio foundations or walkways. These ants create homes for themselves around damp spaces where they have access to a food source. With new homes and businesses popping up all around Maple Ridge, it is no wonder that these ants are finding their way inside. Ants in general will hide out near kitchens and bathrooms, taking advantage of crumbs, scraps and moist environments.

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Maple Ridge Ant Removal: Getting The Job Done

Ants are tiny creatures and are easily missed on many occasions. You might be standing near an ant colony for a long while before noticing and finding them in your home can take even longer. When these ants do make it inside, they are often after warmth. By nesting in flooring or behind walls, ants get to keep warm while staying out of sight.

The highly trained pest removal experts at Onsite Pest Control have spent years perfecting their techniques in order to better suit our clients. It is due to this experience that we know exactly where to search out these ants. In order to fully remove ants, Onsite technicians treat the affected areas of your home or business as well as the space surrounding it.

If you are finished playing host to ants, our Maple Ridge ant removal service can help them checkout!

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