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It is no secret that Canadians have a complicated relationship with wasps. These pests might be classified as beneficial outdoors but they are definitely not welcomed inside. Wasps pop up here and there but when they begin building their nests on your property, they need to be shown the door.

What To Expect From Wasps

Wasps might have earned a nasty reputation for themselves, but they aren’t all that bad when they mind their business. Wasps pollinate plants, control pest populations and are very industrious creatures. When wasps hit the scene in spring, they tend to keep themselves very busy. Wasps build up their food stores, and begin constructing their nests. In order to best protect their populations, wasps get creative in where they build their homes. Nests are made up of a papery substance that is stuck together. It might not seem like much from the outside but these pests will go above and beyond to protect their home. With this in mind, your approach to a Burnaby wasp nest removal can be all the difference between a success and a flop. Instead of taking a chance, call a Gorilla to get the job done right.

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Our Burnaby Wasp Nest Removal

Getting rid of a wasp nest is much more difficult than shooing away one rogue intruder. Nests take a long while to build and wasps are keen to protect all of their hard work. If wasps feel that their population is being threatened, they come out in force – and in large numbers! This can make your Burnaby wasp nest removal a dangerous undertaking. In order to safely perform your Burnaby wasp removal, our specialists need to draw the wasps away before treatment. Don’t try to deal with a nest full of wasps all on your own – call Onsite instead.

If wasps have taken over your residential or commercial properties, a Burnaby wasp nest removal is the answer! Call to book an appointment today.

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