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Sow bugs are one of those insects who can be treated as either friend or pest. These pests can help in terms of composting organic materials but that does not mean that you want them inside your home. If these compact crustaceans are invading your personal space, let the staff at Onsite help out. Our Burnaby sow bug removal can help you get the bugs out for good!

Tracking Down Sow Bugs

Just because sow bugs do not pose a threat to your health does not mean that you want them roaming freely around your home or workplace. These pests are uncomfortable to see crawling around walls or flooring and it is not uncommon to find the bodies of these pests scattered around properties. Sow bugs are beneficial when they are outdoors, because they make meals out of dead and decaying plants. Sow bugs are often found in gardens but it does not take them long to creep indoors. Window and door frames, opened doors and windows or unsealed cracks are all entry points for sow bugs. In addition to removing sow bug populations, Onsite points to problem areas around your property.

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Your Burnaby Sow Bug Removal

Sow bugs tend to make their way inside surrounding homes and businesses but they do not last long in a dry environment. Once inside, sow bugs will make a break for damp environments wherever they can find them. This means that attics, crawlspaces, drains, closets and even cupboards can be hotbeds for sow bug activity. The first step to any Burnaby sow bug removal is to dry these spaces out. When dampness and humidity is eliminated from problem areas, our pest removal specialists treat the area of existing sow bug populations.

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