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In a climate like British Columbia’s, silverfish are a consistent issue for property owners. These pests thrive in humid environments, so a constantly damp community like Burnaby is home sweet home for a silverfish. These pests are hard to spot and just about impossible to catch! Instead of wasting time chasing after these pests, call Onsite for professional Burnaby silverfish removal.

The Consequences of Silverfish Infestations

Silverfish might be small, but they are some of the most destructive pests that you can expect to find inside your property. These pests might not take large chucks out of walls or furniture like other household intruders, so they can be difficult to diagnose. Silverfish thrive in the dark and damp areas around your space. This makes crawlspaces, basements, bathrooms or even closets, prime locations for them to hunker down. Once silverfish have found a place to call home, they begin to lay eggs and build their populations. One silverfish can lead to one hundred silverfish before you even know it! These pests have a broad diet and can make a meal out of just about anything. These pests eat crumbs and other food cast-offs, as well as organic fabrics, adhesives, paper, cardboard and anything that has a natural element. Don’t let these pests eat you out of house and home when your Burnaby silverfish removal is only a phone call away.

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Burnaby Silverfish Removal: Complete Removal

In order to get rid of silverfish, you need to treat these pests at every level. Adult silverfish might be easier to spot, but they are not the only pests lurking out there. A proper Burnaby silverfish removal treats the pests you can see and the pests that you can’t. Baseboards, door frames, cracks in flooring and any other tight spaces can act as havens for eggs and young silverfish. By ditching humidity and treating problem areas, our Onsite specialists provide professional results for your Burnaby silverfish removal service.

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