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Rats are a globally disliked animals. Those rodents are destructive, dirty and have been known to transport fleas and bacteria around with them. Rats are destructive houseguests but they don’t always take the hint when they’ve outstayed their welcome. If rats have made their way inside your home or business, kick them out before they have the chance to get comfortable. Our Burnaby rat removal helps property owners get rid of rats and keep them out.

What Rats Mean For You

When rats make their way inside your home or business, they do not do so lightly. It is only a matter of time until this rodents launch a hostile takeover. Rats take over pantries, contaminate food sources and have terrible bathroom habits. Rat droppings have been known to lead to respiratory or intestinal illness. In addition to spotting droppings, rats have been known to leave gnaw marks, or create scraping sounds during the night. If you are dealing with a small number of rats, you might not notice these signs right away – but populations grow quickly! As rat numbers begin to swell, there will be no mistaking your infestation.

Need Pest Control Services?

Burnaby Rat Removal: Treatment & Prevention

The highly trained staff at Onsite know better than anyone that removing an existing rat population is not enough to keep them out for good. In order to keep these pests from sneaking back in, prevention methods need to be put into place. Our removal specialists will pinpoint problem areas for reentry and can work to block them off. Rats can squeeze into openings the size of a quarter, so all ventilation areas, roofs, unsealed cracks, broken windows or unsealed doors and windows can be entry points for these pests. Attempting to catch rats all on your own takes time, and in that time, these rodents breed. Physical traps and poisons might be available over the counter at any hardware store but they can create quite a mess. Just because a rat is no longer living does not mean that it disappears into thin air. Save yourself the health hazard and messy clean-up of DIY rat removal by calling in a professional. Don’t hesitate to call a pro at the first sign of rats inside your home or business.

For expert Burnaby rat removal and prevention, call Onsite today and have our specialists do the dirty work for you.

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