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Mice might be small and cute from afar but when they become your roommates, these rodents are nothing but trouble. Mice not only leave a trail of germs and bacteria behind them but can eat you out of house and home. Don’t let rodents get the jump on you when you can call Onsite instead. The only way to properly ditch these pests is with a professional Burnaby mouse removal.

The Problem With Mice

No matter the size of a mouse, they are always willing to eat! Mice can sneak into your home or business through openings the size of a dime and begin to treat your kitchen like a buffet. Mice weave in and out of the areas of your property that might be difficult for you to navigate. By making their nests behind the scenes of your residential or commercial property, infestations can go undiscovered for long periods. During these periods, mice fill your house with bacteria and droppings. Mouse urine and droppings can lead to serious illness and even structural damage. Mice have been known to damage water pipes and even chew on wiring. An infestation can lead to water damage, flooding and even electrical fires. Don’t let these pests spend any more time in your home that they already have!

Need Pest Control Services?

Burnaby Mouse Removal: Treating Your Infestation

The severity of your infestation dictates the best course of action for your Burnaby mouse removal. Onsite offers both humane and chemical treatments for your pest problem.
If you catch populations when they are small enough, it is possible to trap and remove these rodents. If you are in the midst of a full infestation, more drastic measures need to be taken.

If you have questions about your Burnaby mouse removal or are just ready to give these pests the boot, call Onsite today.

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