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If you are not familiar with the name ‘Indian Meal Worm’, don’t worry, you aren’t alone! These might not be most recognizable household pests but they are more common than you might think. These pests go through several life stages before they begin to look the the typical looking moths that you are used to. During this time, populations can swell up until you are dodging these pests left right centre. Instead of getting bogged down with moths, call Onsite for your Burnaby indian meal moth removal.

Where Do Indian Meal Moths Come From?

The most common way to become infested with Indian meal moths is to transport them inside of your home inside food. Adult moths lay eggs in food sources such as flour, cereals, and even dried fruit. By laying directly in foodstuffs, moths have a built-in food source for their larvae when they hatch. These larvae eat surrounding food and leave behind web-like string networks. These silk webbings catch droppings along with egg and shell casings. If these contaminated materials are accidentally ingested, they will lead to a whole lot of intestinal distress. With threats from food sources and annoyances from the sky, there is nothing good about moths in your home. Instead of constantly checking your food supplies or swatting moths away from your light fixtures, choose a Burnaby Indian meal moth removal instead.

Need Pest Control Services?

Burnaby Indian Meal Moth Removal: Treating Your Infestation

The majority of Indian meal moth infestations can be handled directly by discarded affected food and a thorough cleaning of the area. Our Burnaby Indian meal moth removal operates in stages. The first treatment application removed obvious moth populations while a follow-up treats any standing nooks and crannies.

If you have noticed these pests fluttering around your space, call Onsite for your Burnaby Indian meal moth removal.

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