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There is hardly a Canadian out there who is not familiar with the nightmare of fleas. These pests are known to crawl, bite and make a meal out of you. Unlike other nightmares, these pests are all too real. If fleas are treating you like dinner on legs, let Onsite help you out. Our Burnaby flea removal can take the bite out of your infestation.

Where Do These Pests Come From?

The unfortunate truth about fleas is that they can pop up just about anywhere. In a climate like Burnaby’s, these pests can survive year round so there is no telling when you picked them up either! Fleas are hitchhikers and travel about by clinging onto passersby. Dogs are given a bad wrap as carriers but fleas cling to cats, squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats and even pant legs. These pests don’t even need to make it into your home or business to deposit a flea. Where there is one flea, there will soon be many. One female flea can lead to hundreds in no time at all. These adult fleas lay their eggs loosely, allowing them to be deposited around a space instead of just in one spot. This means survival for them and frustration for you! Don’t try to take these pests on alone, when Onsite is readily available with our Burnaby flea removal service.

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Burnaby Flea Removal: Treatment & Technique

When fleas have set up shop inside your home, treatment should be carried out as quickly as possible. You might see a flea or two here and there, but the majority of flea populations often go unseen. Only about half of flea populations are actually visible! There is no point in treating adult fleas when there are eggs just waiting around to hatch. When you choose Onsite for your Burnaby flea removal, you are treating fleas at every level.

When you are ready to say farewell to fleas, let the pest removal specialists at Onsite help you out! Call today to book an appointment for your Burnaby flea removal.

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