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There is hardly a pest out there that is as recognizable as the cockroach. These pests are the universal symbol for unpleasant places. Films and television might show these pests scuttling across hotel floors or up bathroom walls, but the truth is that cockroaches are everywhere. These pests are known to inhabit residential and commercial properties all over the world but that doesn’t mean that they are welcome guests! If you catch roaches roaming your halls, call Onsite right away for your Burnaby cockroach removal.

What Roaches Mean For You

When you spot a cockroach inside your home or business, chances are that there are another hundred hiding out behind the scene. Even large amounts of cockroaches can hide out for long periods of time. These pests can lay themselves flat, scurrying under appliances, in between cupboards, behind pictures on the wall and just about anywhere else that you can think of. More often than not, these pests set up shop around kitchens in order to be close to regular food sources. This is a problem for you as roaches leave bacteria, urine, droppings and even saliva behind them. These materials can contaminate surfaces around your kitchen or even your food sources. This is bad news for any property but it can be make or break for restaurants and commercial spaces. Don’t let cockroaches affect your home or business, call Onsite instead.

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Burnaby Cockroach Removal: Getting Results

Cockroaches are known to be some of the most resilient pests around. This is a well-earned reputation. Roaches are known to survive rapidly changing temperatures, a lack of resources and have even been known to adapt to survive insecticides. Simply setting off a bug bomb is not enough to get rid of roach populations. That is why your Burnaby cockroach removal is carried out in stages. These stages include aftercare and guaranteed removal of your pest problem.

Cockroaches have a bad reputation for a reason. Don’t let these unsavoury characters bring their bad name into your residential or commercial properties. Our Burnaby cockroach removal helps to keep your space clean and clear of pests.

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