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Centipedes are long, flat, quick and unpleasant to be around. As much as you might not want them inside your home or business, that does not always stop them from inviting themselves inside. When you catch a glimpse of a centipede indoors, it is important to act quickly, calling Onsite for professional removal as soon as possible. If one centipede has found its way in, you can bet that more are on the way. Instead of letting these pests take over your property, call Onsite for your Burnaby centipede removal.

Centipedes: What You Should Know

Just because you see centipedes inside your home, does not mean that you are dealing with house centipedes. Outdoor centipedes are a bit more rugged than their indoor counterparts. If you want to properly remove these unwanted guests, it is important to understand just which kind you are dealing with. These pests can squeeze in to even the tightest of openings and make their homes in dark and damp spaces. If these pests feel threatened, their first instinct is to run but they have also been known to bite. Certain centipedes even have poison glands that can leave red or itchy marks on your skin.

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Burnaby Centipede Removal: Proper Treatment Techniques

Treating centipede populations can be made easier by making their living space less comfortable. Removing clutter and items that they can use to hide out in. Keeping moisture levels down is another key aspect in limiting a centipede takeover. When you want to ditch these pests completely, call Onsite for your Burnaby centipede removal. Our pest removal experts seal up cracks around damp spaces and offer insecticidal methods as well as botanical ones.

If centipedes have been spotted scurrying around your property, don’t hesitate to call Onsite. Getting rid of pests does not need to be difficult when you choose our Burnaby centipede removal.

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