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Just about every property owner across Canada is familiar with termites but there seems to be less concerned with carpenter ants. Termites might make meals out of your foundation materials but these ants gnaw through them just the same. If you suspect that ants are chewing through the structural integrity of your property, call Onsite. Our Burnaby carpenter ant removal can track and remove these pests, so you can get back to an ant-free environment.

Tracking Down Ants

Carpenter ants tend to squeeze into even the smallest of openings of your exterior spaces. Of course, opened windows and doors, as well as ventilation outlets and unsealed openings around window frames or air conditioning units. Once these pests make their way inside, they waste no time in burrowing into the hard to reach parts of your property. By hiding out behind walls or under flooring, carpenter ants can grow their numbers right under your nose. Spotting one ant is nearly impossible but by the time you can see them, there are too many to contend with. When you are feeling overrun with ants, let our Burnaby carpenter ant removal even the score.

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Burnaby Carpenter Ant Removal: Treating These Pests

Treating pests that are hiding out behind the scenes can feel impossible. In the past, it used to result in a whole lot of unnecessary damage. Over the years, technology has come a long way in the pest removal field. Instead of drilling into walls and framework, hoping to stumble across a Carpenter ant colony, pest removal tools have become more exact. By using thermal imaging and injection rods, our pest specialists can track high traffic areas and treat them directly. Instead of trying to take on ants alone, avoid unnecessary effort, damage and frustration by calling Onsite.

When you suspect carpenter ants are sneaking around behind the scenes call Onsite for your Burnaby carpenter ant removal.

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