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Birds are a common sight all over the Burnaby area. With plenty of parks, tourist attractions and waterfront spaces, there is no wonder that birds are everywhere and anywhere. It is great to see these feathered fliers outdoors but when they begin to stick around your work or living space, it is a problem! Birds create an unhappy atmosphere by leaving stains, making noise and spreading bacteria. Instead of contending with these issues, let Onsite help with our Burnaby bird control.

What Do Birds Bring To The Table

Birds spend more time walking around sidewalks, roads and gutters than they do in the air. As these pests begin to trail around your decks, patios or railings, they deposit bacteria behind them. Germs associated with birds are known to lead to inflamed allergies, respiratory issues or digestive distress. Pigeons are some of the most common birds around but also some of the most destructive. Pigeons attack your sleep with incessant cooing and the condition of your property with acidic droppings. All in all, birds might be great to look at from afar, but up close in personal, they are more trouble than they are worth. Instead of putting up with an unsightly mess or health hazard, let our Burnaby bird control fix the problem for you.

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Burnaby Bird Control: How We Work

Treating bothersome birds is different than other infestations. Simply shooing these intruders away is not enough to get the job done and that is why we’ve come up with a solution. Bird-B-Gone repellents keep pigeons and other bird species away from your commercial and residential properties in a humane way. Bird-B-Gone spikes, netting, current rails and even sensory deterrents are all options for your pigeon problems.

When you are ready to silence the cooing and put an end to bird droppings, call Onsite for your Burnaby bird control service.

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